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James Home Services
Mobile Pet Grooming & Hydrobath
Mobile Pet Grooming & Hydrobath
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Lawn & Garden Care

I just love my customers, especially my dogs. I really think they love me too as many of them are so excited on my return visit. Its great keeping them in top condition and I love leaving them in a state that all the family can then enjoy sharing special times with a well groomed, clean and healthy looking dog.

We comes to your home & set up on site. We use WARM clean water for every dog. We clean your dogs ears & trim the nails every visit. We give them a warm hydrobath & warm blow dry, then finish them off with some coat conditioner & colonge-'oh they smell so good!
Trish washing EMMA in South Morang
Emma is a Weimaraner Long Hair owned by Tony & Rosemary Hill


BOOK now before the 'silly season'.
Ask us about our regular booking specials.
*Discounts for 2 or more dogs in one household

Sally & Harry

Spud was moving to Qld & needed all that coat removed!
SPUD is now clipped & trimmed quite short to cope with the heat & all those ticks in Qld.
WHATEVER the reason WHATEVER style you want. I can clip & groom to YOUR specifications. Some customers love having the dogs coat all long & 'swishy', some just cannot handle the grooming. Some like spud need to be a certain length to cope with climate conditions, I will make sure you are happy with your chosen coat length.

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