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who's who?
What's what?

This site has been created for and by Victorian Pet Groomers, it will grow with YOUR contribution of feedback, information and interesting ideas.

The Pet Industry is not for the faint hearted. It can often be a lonely time, hey not even the dogs talk back on some days!
I'd love to get us all together and working as ONE. With your help, support and patience will could make Victorians Leaders in The Industry!

Did you go to GROOMEX 2005? If so you'll know what this is all about. I decided to get us all together by having some breakfasts, meetings, gatherings and maybe even a training session once in a while? This web site is a start, I hope you enjoy it.

the Great Dane

Trish is the main contact so far
here is the email address...

Started by Trish Wileman
Hairy Cherubs Dog Grooming
0408 366336
South Morang Vic