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Longweis Xmas Message


Trish & Tony and all at LONGWEIS

Wish you all a safe happy Christmas,

And a very sucessful 2003.


Is She or Isn't She?

By Trish Wileman of Longweis Weirnaraners

I think she is pregnant? Yeah we got two good matings in yeah she has to be. These were my thoughts on Porche (Bromhund Tendril Brushed) a bitch I bred. Porche was mated to Stryka (Dual Ch Sinaway Reme brans Flame (T) Cb). Porche is owned by a terrific couple, Cheri & David Rees-Jones in Kew, Victoria. Cheri called me at 3 weeks, Porche was acting a lot quieter and really 'Sooky', sounding good. I went to view Porche at 4 weeks, yeah great she's looking fatter....or is she? I am sure her ribs have sprung, yeah, yeah she has to be. I call Cheri at about 5 weeks, So how is she? I ask? Cheri was unsure, well maybe she thinks she just might be, but she isn't much fatter. Hmmmmm, I was a bit disappointed about that comment. I should have had her scanned, now I start to panic, no, no its going to be fine I tell myself. At 6 weeks we are sure to know. I went & visited Porche again, yep she sure looks the...SAME, no fatter, but just maybe shes only having only few pups I convince myself. I trek over to Kew and nag Cheri & David constantly over Porche's condition. Oooooohhhhh bugger, its not looking promising, I have to get a scan done now...just say there is only one pup there! That could mean complications. I ring Vets in the Kew area & they are real helpful...but they don't have scanners DAMN! Ok, I start to bet a bit down over it & think 'oh well' now we just have to wait. At 7 weeks she is still looking normal. Don't get me wrong, she is a happy, healthy, affectionate girl and I love her to bits....but at this stage I would have loved her a whole lot more had she have been PLUMP! I knew the outcome was negative, though I stayed vigil and called Cheri every day looking for a change. I visited again twice that week, no milk, no change in belly, NO SUCH LUCK. A maiden bitch, a relatively new breeder and another lesson learnt...the hard way.

Is she or isn't she? I mated Richa (Ch Kismaner Ragsto Riches TD) to Shado (Ch Marland Chipf Thol Bloc). Another maiden bitch, though Richa is mine & lives with me so that's a start, I guess. Shado is a young dog and very good at what he we got three great matings. Richa is changing already and it is only week two. I feel she is alot more 'clingy'. She is usually hungry, but her appetite has increased somewhat already. Though I will not be making another mistake, my mind will be put at ease and I am having her scanned at 4 or so weeks. So fingers crossed, and no more "IS SHE OR ISN'T SHE?" for me.

hopefully these two will have pups on the ground 9/01/03