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So Much To Tell

The year has flown by once again and I can hardly believe its been so long since I've managed a spare weekend to update my beloved site & the LL edition. Gosh where does the time go? We have all these new inventions & computerised gadgets to spare us time yet we never seem to have enough of it do we? Well enough of the banter lets get cracking with some news.


BAZIL is now a Tracking Dog (T.D.) he achieved this in fine style all on one day in fact. His last season of training left alot to be desired so we retired him for the season as the girls demanded so much time as they were excelling in the sport. Well that must have been the right thing to do as he has come back this season with great GUNS. He passed his Test 1 & Test 2 all on the same him his title. He has also recently passed his Test 3 so we are well under way to achieving yet another DUAL Champion in the household! Yippeee.

RICHA gained her Endurance Title (E.T.) in fine style. She was very casual about the whole test and the lenghty bycycle ride of 20kms was sore on my bottom though didn't bother her in the least!

ALLY is as usual the boss at LONGWEIS and has recently been used as a judges test dog for trainee tracking judges-Ally loved the days outing and worked extremely well. Ally is feeling the cold this winter as her and Bazil have reached the grand old age of  7...I can hardly believe they are now would appear as Veterans in the show ring!

BAZIL at Inverleigh Tracking Trial Winter 2003
Photo friend Wendy Seng-Pa

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