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The 'Weimaraner Memory Book'
by author Deborah Andrews




of Historic Proportions

for our Breed!!


The Weimaraner Memory Book captures the essence of our breed.   The volume is historic, bilingual and richly designed.  It was conceived in honor of the Weimaraner Klub e.V. [Germany] and will soon become reality. 


The Klub celebrated its 100th Anniversary with events held in and around Weimar, Germany during the fall 0f 1997.  The memory book provides significant photographs, breed related artwork, graphics, articles and more. 


A completed manuscript on disks was received by the printers November 8th.  Our time line is focused for books on or around the Christmas holidays.

750 of 1,000 books will be signed with foil seal affixed next to signature.


Please check  over the next couple of weeks, as a "pre-publication"  sale is about to be launched!


Ordering questions may be directed to author-

Deborah Andrews


Mailing address:

Deborah G. Andrews

RR-5 Box 1200

Salem WV 26426-9469


Tel:  (304) 782-3009                                       

Fax: (304) 782-2403


Thanks for your patience and support of my contribution to our breed history over the last 6 years.


Deborah Andrews

WCA Liaison to the

Weimaraner Klub e.V.