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I really just wanted to brag about this great atumn with the fieldtrialresults of my dog´s!
First of all at the Swedish Weimaraner Clubs Championships at fieldtrials the two dog´s that was still in the competition after a whole day at trialing, Mimmtrix Hilde (Caro vom Zehnthof x CH Britfeld Poetry Inmotion) and Mimmtrix Horst (Caro vom Zehnthof x S UCH, FIN UCH, DK CH, NORD CH, SJ CH, SV CH NUCH, NV 01 Mimmtrix Sally) was the two that was competing about the title! Mimmtrix Hilde won!
Last Sunday, 16:th of November it was 3 Mimmtrix dogs that was entering in another fieldtrial. Mimmtrix Horst won a 1:st prize in open class. If he gets his 3:rd certificat at a show in December, he will become a Swedish CH and a Finnish CH! Mimmtrix Winston got a 2:nd prize in open class and Mimmtrix Eileen got a 3:rd prize in youth class just 12 months old! She is probably the youngest weimaraner ever that has won a prize in fieldtrials!
Yesterday, Saturday, Mimmtrix Vera af Impi a littersister to Sally, was entered at a fieldtrial and got a 2:nd prize! She was her mother SV98, NORD V 99, AUST CH  Britfeld Poetry Inmotion "Lou Lou´s 9:th fieldtrialmerited progeny! This is unique! No one has ever been close to so many marited progeny´s! Lou Lou has whelped 3 litters, totally 18 puppies. 9 of them, 50 %, has got fieldtrialmerited, 9 of them has entered in huntingtrials and ALL 9!!!!! 100% has gained merits - prizes! It´s amazing! She has really been something extre for the breed here in Sweden! Lou Lou´s out of CH Ylands Keepth Carbon and CH Britfeld Give It To Me.
And on top of all those merited dogs are my S UCH, FIN UCH, DK CH, NORD CH, SJ CH, SV CH NUCH, NV 01 Mimmtrix Sally, the onley triple Champion here in Scandinavia!
Today, Sunday, Mimmtrix Lothar, a litterbrother to Horst, was entered at the largest show in Norway, the Norwegian Winner Show. This was his first show ever, he won best dog with a CACIB and got the title Norwegian Winner 2003!
This is really fantastic!
Best wishes Mimmi and the girls!
S-504 97  BREDARED
Phone: + 46(0)33-24 50 50
Mobile: +46(0)70-659 61 77
Mimmi's HILDE
Congratulations to all
AUSSIE Dogs Overseas
Flying The Flag! 
Gary Courtney Byrne of KLASWEI Weimaraners in Tasmania writes:
Hey Trish, was just looking at Longweis Lines overseas results and have something to add if you are interested. Sting has just had a runner up in show, and best male in show in Denmark. His first litter was also born a couple of months ago, 10 puppies, nine males! bit of a shame because they had orders for 5 females. They also have other enquiries about him for stud. As well he is also excelling in retrieving game, both feather and fur. Go Aussie dogs!
Ingrid Albion of Grausturm Weimaraners in Tasmania Writes:
Netherlands Champion Grausturm Extra Special took out RU Best In Show at the Netherlands show 10th  May 2003 and best of breed longhair. He also got his world winner title on 31 May 2003 at the world winner show in Germany where he took best of breed again. Congratulations to his owners Hans, Thea and Johny Van Holstein in Holland.
and the owner of Digger Johhn writes..
A bit nervous ( Digger spewd up that bit of dinner he had that evening) I turnd in on friday hoping it all woold be over the next morning.
The next morning it all lookt good and we left for the big day at 7.30 sharp.
Vet chec at 9.00 show time at 10.00
After the vet chec we recieved the catalog to see how many dogs where competing.
118 Dogs, 20 Longhairs and 98 Shorthairs.
Digger was in the open class and had no.1.
Hoping on a good result (speciali with Ingrid and her Familie there) we waited for showtime.
First time in the ring he behaved like an idiot and pist me of, but it went well and we came out winning.
Best Longhair boy in the open class.
Now it was waiting for best longhair boy.
After all the classes we went back in and........................................yahooooooooooo Best longhair boy
Up to the next Best longhair.
At this time my day was perfect but not over.
The bitch lookt good but Digger was running better and better, and yes we came out winning.
All we had to do now was win the show and beat the best shorthair in show.
We did our best but this time it was not us.
So it was RU IN SHOW Grausturm Extra Special.
I like to thank all the people who gave me a hard time teaching me how to present the dog, Ingrid and Tamara for breeding him.
Thanks all of you.
May 30 we have an other world winner ( so this was a good start
There will be 59 Weimaraners Digger has number 5308.
There are expected to be 18716 dogs at the world winner.
All the best to you all love the dogs and they will love you
Digger, Mano, Hans, Thea, Johny
Mimmi Erixon from Mimmitrix Weimaraners in Sweden writes
We had the SWC specialty on Sunday. Young Mimmtrix Sydney won BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. Also Mimmtrix Kennels breedinggroup won BEST IN SHOW.
Mimmtrix Horst out of Sally x Caro vom Zehnthof won best fieldtrialmerited dog, shorthair.
Kiri was 4:th best bitch and Sally was 2:nd in CH class (a bit to fat..........).
Mimmi + the girls!

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